Public Art Project


MACC is once again sponsoring the chair-art-able public art project for the spring of 2019. Twenty
five folding Adirondack chairs (adult, children’s and small folding tables and 2 double chairs) will
be available to the public to be painted by local creative people. These chairs will be displayed at
various town venues for the summer and auctioned off at RocktoberFest on Saturday, September
28, 2019.


The purpose of the project is to raise public awareness of local talent, add public seating
to our town and provide an opportunity to purchase a unique one-of-a-kind piece of functional art
as well as raise money to bring additional cultural programs to Morristown.

General Design Criteria

Have a Seat in Morrisville - 2019 Chair-art-able Project

1. BE creative, whimsical & artistic!


2. The chairs must be weatherproof and “kid proof”. The chairs are designed to be interactive with the public. Elements of nature such as rain, wind, sun and dirt
should be kept in mind when designing your chairs. These chairs will be outside,
therefore you should work with the appropriate media and at least two
applications of an outdoor clear coat finish must be used to ensure longevity
of the artwork on the chairs.


3. No direct label advertising or logos (product or company) are allowed.


4. No religious or social disrespect is permitted. This is a public display and therefore all finished chairs must be appropriate for all audiences.


5. Chairs will be available around the first week of March; you will be responsible
for picking up your chair at Morristown Town Offices and we ask that you return
them no later than May 10th.


6. PLEASE paint your name on the underside of the chair.

Painting an Adirondack chair will give you an opportunity to dazzle the public with your creativity
and bring your work to the attention of a great many people. Thank you for your enthusiasm and
support. Once again we cannot wait to see these beautiful chairs that will fill Morristown with
excitement and create a sense of pride in our community.


If you’d like to sign up to paint a chair or would like further information please contact TriciaFollert, or 888-6669 x231

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