MACC builds on our historic traditions and enhances the community’s cultural amenities and economic well-being. When you become a member of MACC, you help keep our town’s inviting atmosphere and ensure a vibrant downtown.

Join Us to Beautify our Town!

Sponsor                                                                                                              $250

Business, Corporation, Professional                                                              $100

Non-Profit                                                                                                           $50

Family                                                                                                                 $50

Individual                                                                                                            $35

Two ways of becoming a MACC member:

Mail with a check payable to:

MACC P.O. Box 748, Morrisville, VT 05661

Please provide the following information:

Name, Organization, Title, Address,Town, State, Zip

Phone and Email


When making a donation online with the PayPal button below, please provide the following information (in comments section of PayPal.):

Name, Organization, Title, Address,Town, State, Zip

Phone and Email


Memberships are for the calendar year and are fully tax deductible.

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