US Route 2 in Waterbury VT to Route 100 through Stowe to Morristown and Hyde Park, and adds VT15A in Morristown, VT100C in Hyde Park and Johnson, VT15 in Morristown, Hyde Park, Johnson, and Cambridge, and VT108 in Cambridge and Stowe, which includes the Smugglers’ Notch Scenic Highway.

The Green Mountain Byway links historic villages, lush river valleys, working landscapes, popular parks, and recreational attractions. The highways serve as primary travel routes for those who work and live along it and have long been recognized as a scenic corridor that attracts visitors from all over the world.

An extraordinary range of landmarks, attractions, and cultural, historic, recreational, natural and scenic resources can be found along the route. The expanded Byway showcases some of the most outstanding scenic landscapes and open spaces in the State of Vermont. Open spaces along the Byway corridor also provide stunning views of open meadows, farmlands, and forests, all with the mountain backdrop.

Fall colors are spectacular and vie with the summer and winter seasons in their attraction to visitors and residents alike. Historic homes, farmsteads, villages, and mill sites are accessible all along the route. Indeed, the corridor contains an abundance of all the intrinsi resources that the Byway program is intended to identify, access, and celebrate.

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